Queen Harrison hasn’t competed in the Olympics since 2008, but she’s still got enough juice to smoke a brave soul on the track. An Olympian dominating on the track isn’t that unique, but in this case Harrison had several hurdles while her opponent had none—it’s quite the sight to see. 

The two-time NCAA Outdoor champ clearly was basking in all her glory as she said in her caption, “Never Forget.. I’m a PROFESSIONAL hurdler. Oh, & I Love a Challenge.” 

It looks like the former Olympian not only still has her competitive juices flowing, but also still has her speed and explosion. 

The race was part of a Japanese show called Honoo-no, in which she answered the bell to a friendly challenge. According to Harrison, that frantic screaming you hear in the background is courtesy of her opponent’s wife. 

Exact details of the show are unknown, but we do know this is the same program on which Ronda Rousey tossed around some grown men like they were rag dolls. 


Moral of the story: Don’t challenge these goddess-level athletes unless you’re prepared for embarrassment.