With the New Year in full swing, it seems everyone is set on living their healthiest lives. That includes actress Rebel WIlson, who has been going hard in the gym with the help of celebrity trainer Jono Castano

In a recent Instagram post, Castano shared a photo of Wilson smiling along with a video of her slamming some battle ropes like a champ. The Pitch Perfect star looks to be in the best shape of her life, and in the caption, Castano applauded WIlson for hitting the gym every day. 



This comes a few weeks after WIlson put up a post of her own and revealed that this year, she’s taking her health more seriously.

“Okay so for me 2020 is going to be called ‘The Year of Health,'” she captioned a set of photos of herself walking on the beach. She explained that she’s working on making positive changes in 2020, like focusing on exercise, hydration, and healthy eating.

The actress had already lost eight pounds in four days while filming Cats, due to the hot sets and intense dance sequences, she told Entertainment Tonight.

Check out the full post here:



Those are changes that anyone can make, and WIlson got a huge response from fans. More than 612,000 people liked the post, and more than 8,500 people commented on it. Plenty of people shared their health goals, and others simply commented that Wilson looks great. 

We can’t wait to see updates on WIlson’s journey, and we’re sure there will be plenty. If you need some guidance while you reach for new goals this year, check out some of our goal-centric guides below: 


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