If you’re into good health and a fit physique, chances are you are already making an effort to eat clean. But with temptations all around us, it’s not always easy to stay the course. Luckily, eating well doesn’t have to mean suffering through bland meals and the same old boring entrées day after day. These 12 nutritious, whole foods aren’t just good for your body, they’re packed with flavor and variety so every meal feels like a treat on a daily basis.

“Clean eating is about engaging in a diet rich in nonprocessed foods—things that come from the earth,” says Manhattan-based nutritionist Sharon Richter, R.D. “Think fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources, like fish.” If you haven’t already, add these dozen delicious foods to your diet starting today.


5 Tips For Clean Eating While Dining Out

Don't let your diet ruin your dinner date.

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