Another year is upon us—an opportunity to start afresh, improve our fitness and physique, and clean up any bad habits that may have snuck in over the past few months. But often we bite off more than we can chew and end up feeling frustrated and back in a rut before long.

“The biggest mistake most people make is in how large a step they think they need to take,” says Roland Denzel, a weight-loss and wellness coach based in Orange County, CA. “They don’t think making a small adjustment or two has any value, but in fact it’s these minor changes that, put together, can end up creating a big difference.”

Denzel and his wife (and fellow wellness coach), Galina, have helped thousands of clients achieve long-lasting success by establishing easy habits with low barriers that they can stick with day after day. Their new book, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well, features 52 practical ways to boost both fitness and health—one to try each week of the year. We’ve asked them to highlight 12 of their favorites. Give them a try as part of your own resolutions for a better body and more relaxed state of mind this year.