There’s no question that Ronda Rousey is a household name now as she enters final preparations for UFC 193, where she is the heavy favorite to defend her title against striking specialist Holly Holm when they fight this weekend in Melbourne, Australia. With everything that is leading up to it, the undefeated UFC bantamweight champion is considering stepping out of the limelight post-fight.

She shares with Mike Bohn of Rolling Stone, “I’m selling a product and I have to be out there; I don’t have the option not to be. But after this fight, I’m definitely going to let some people miss me, for sure. Believe me, there’s nothing I would like to do more than disappear for a while. I would like to wait until UFC 200 to fight again. I’m going to be filming (movies) in the meantime, so I’m still going to be keeping busy.” 

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With a potential small hiatus from the UFC in the near future, Rousey would like to retire undefeated. She says, “I’m not sure when the right time to retire will be, but I know that I’m not done yet.” A small break will allow Rousey to stay committed to the sport — allowing her to have some recovery time from an intense training regime. As for fans, they’ll catch a nice break too from the perpetual media attention.

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For the highly anticipated fight, Holm is an appropriate challenge for Rousey, given her boxing background. Holm hopes that the undefeated fighter will be jaded because of her standing, allowing Holm to come in for the win. 

UFC 193 will be in Melbourne, Australia — you can catch it live on pay-per-view on November 14th at 10 pm ET. The undercard starts at 6:15 pm ET on’s Fight Pass.