Reigning Women’s Physique Olympia champ Shanique Grant may be in her off-season, but that doesn’t mean she’s let up on her training. Grant, who goes by @therealfitnessbeauty on Instagram, recently took over the Olympia’s Instagram page as part of the Home Gym Series, and she shared a killer workout with fans that can be done virtually anywhere and with minimal equipment.

After kicking her day off with some coffee, she introduced fans to her adorable emotional service pit bull, Summer, and explained that she’s a big advocate for educating people about the often-misunderstood breed.

Grant also shared that one of her favorite ways to cross-train and get cardio in is tennis. “I love doing tennis, it’s a great form of cardio. You really get that stamina up, get that heart rate up, burn tons of calories, and you get your steps in…t’s a great time overall,” she said. “It’s very, very competitive too, so I love that part.”

She answered questions in addition to doing a live Q&A with fans. She revealed that while the off-season is more relaxed in terms of diet, she still keeps it clean for the most part. That said, she does have higher calorie days, and she always makes sure to get between 350-500 grams of protein in.

One fan asked what her biggest advice for a new competitor would be, and she stressed the importance of focusing on yourself.

“Keep those blinders on. Don’t worry about what somebody else is doing or if someone’s doing something better,” she said. “Just focus on you, focus on getting better each day. Don’t worry about the competition—Just think, ‘I have no competition, I am my only competition.'”

She was also asked about her training split, which is currently two pull days, two lower-body days, and two push days. On top of that, she shared an outdoor workout that anyone can try.

Shanique Grant’s Outdoor Workout

(Watch the workout here.)

  • Dumbbell bent-over rows: 4×12-15 — She uses jBells dumbbells, which distribute the weight evenly around your hands.
  • TRX Rows (neutral grip into pronated grip): 4×15
  • Biceps curl: 3×12
  • Banded triceps pushdown: 3×10
  • TRX bodyweight curls: 4×12
  • Bench dips: 3×10-12
  • Ankle weighted walking lunges with kickbacks: 4×10-15

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