As the saying goes, nothing beats a great pair of legs, but how about making them strong and well-defined, too? From glutes and quads to hamstrings and calves, your legs are powered by a complex array of muscles that need consistent yet varied attention to look and perform their best.

The following leg exercises was created to shred all those leg muscles through a mix of dynamic and static movements as well as constant tension. Leg day doesn’t have to be your least favorite day at the gym. Stop dreading the thought of squatting and learn to love leg workouts again. These five, simple movements from trainer Gino Caccavale will help you target all the muscles in your legs and leave you feeling strong and looking great. 

10 Bikini-Body Exercises to Get Lean and Toned

10 Exercises for a Perfect Bikini Body

Here's three-time Olympia winner Ashley Kaltwasser trains her physique.

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