Prior to Wonder Woman‘s release, we knew DC got it gloriously right with this film—but not like this. 

The Patty Jenkins-directed film earned $100.5 million domestically, which puts it comfortably as the highest-grossing female-directed movie ever, according to The film also brought in an additional $122.5 million internationally. 

The success of Wonder Woman pushed Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson to second place on the list of opening weekends from a female director. 

Another impressive stat about the film is that the audience was made up of 52% women, a large jump from the average of 40% women that watch superhero films, according to This effectively knocks the common belief that superhero movies are only geared toward men. 

In addition to the director, Gal Gadot knocked it out of the park as Wonder Woman, and she was also supported by her fellow Amazon warriors, including CrossFit athlete Brooke Ence

This film has undoubtedly given the DC Cinematic Universe some new life, and we look forward to seeing more of Wonder Woman on the big screen later this year in Justice League, which is due out November 17.