What is an Angel Fashion Show? 

The Angel Fashion Show, which is hosted by Angel Competition Bikinis, showcases their newest suits and designs. Athletic models grace the stage in glamorous costumes, fun outfits, and new designs. All under impressive stage lights, music, and effects. ACBikinis has had athletes at every age step on the stage. From 18 to 70 year olds, athletes showcase their confidence at any stage of their athletic journey. You will leave this show feeling inspired and in awe!

Various fitness models on a fashion runway
Angel Competition Bikinis

The Angel Fashion Show differs greatly from a bodybuilding competition. This is a stage that you get to have fun on and show off your personality and confidence! We stand for empowering women and making them feel over the top confident on and off stage. We add in an entertaining and theatrical experience to make an unforgettable experience for both spectators and participants.

Female bodybuilder flexing on fashion stage
Angel Competition Bikinis

 This show is unlike any other show! It draws in a large local crowd of spectators interested in fitness, fashion, and art as well as out of town residents supporting their family and friends on stage. This year, Angel Competition Bikinis is partnering with the esteemed Olympia for a special Angel Fashion Show. The Olympia Angel Fashion Show is on Dec. 17th. Watch it LIVE in Vegas at the Olympia Expo or watch from your home via live stream.

Former female bodybuilder in a bikini on a fashion runway
Angel Competition Bikinis

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