This Bodybuilding Granny Will Inspire You

Janice Lorraine is proof that age doesn't have to slow you down.

Janice Lorraine, Australia's oldest natural bodybuilder, got her start a little bit later than most. At 55 years old, she had retired and felt that she had no purpose, she told The Mirror

She began going to her local gym for aerobics classes, but she decided to make a big change when she saw an old woman struggling to walk, slowly and assisted, through a parking lot.

"I wasn’t ready to resign myself to becoming a quiet old woman, so I knew I needed a change," Lorraine said. It was then that she became more serious about fitness, taking up bodybuilding. After training for 15 months, Lorraine entered her first competition and won in the over-40 category. 

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She loved the experience and entered the Australian championships, which she also won. At 73, she hasn't slowed down yet, having won Ms. Natural Olympia and Ms. Universe throughout her time competing.  

Bodybuilding isn't the only thing that keeps Lorraine young. She met her boyfriend, David, on a night out celebrating her 48th birthday 25 years ago. Although he's 24 years her junior, he was persistent in getting to know Lorraine and they're still madly in love all these years later.

He supports everything she does, especially during competitions when he helps her apply her tan before she takes the stage. He even takes long walks with Lorraine on days when she doesn't train at the gym. 

This fit grandma is definitely doing something right, and she's proof that age is just a number.