Shalom Blac Transformed a Horrific Burn Incident into Inspiration

Looking your best isn’t just about external appearances.

Shalom Blac
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In the world of fitness and nutrition, it’s difficult to avoid the appearance bias. After all, at its core is a pursuit of an objectively better self, be it internal or external. Many who struggle with weight and exercise are reminded of how they were bullied, or believe they’re powerless to change their lifestyle or give up before even attempting to take on a new lifestyle. And while fitness isn’t the nucleus of everything Shalom Blac does, her struggle to discover the motivation after suffering a trauma is all-too-relatable. 

Watch her incredible transformation from burn victim to discovering unknown inner strength by embracing her appearance. Shalom has created a following around her insane makeup talents, and she’s someone you should definitely let inspire you today. 

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