The 30-minute, Fat-blasting Lunchtime Workout

Squeeze a quick workout into even the busiest of schedules.

Trying to fit a workout into your workday can be a huge challenge. You've got limited time at lunch, so your workout has to be efficient and convenient.

So what's the best way to torch calories while you tackle your job? "Sweatworking" is one solution that experts recommend. Kari Saitowitz is the founder of The Fhitting Room, a high-intensity boutique fitness studio with locations in New York City. She suggests that serious exercisers should combine work and working out to burn calories and boost career potential at the same time.

"Squeezing a midday or lunchtime workout with colleagues into a busy day can be super efficient,” she says. “Classes at The Fhitting Room pack cardio and strength training into one 50-minute workout. High-intensity intervals throughout each session will boost your metabolism for hours post-exercise, so you keep torching calories even after you return to your desk.”

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