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Build a sleek, strong, and totally gorgeous body.

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In a workout rut? Whether you’re sick of doing the same old routine or just need a push to shift into a higher gear, we’ve got the plan to help you get leaner, stronger, and inspired to hit all your better-body goals.

This two-month reboot plan centers on a variety of strength circuits that incorporate upper- and lower-body moves plus a challenging cardio burst. “By using lots of compound movements and large muscle groups, you’ll increase strength while elevating the heart rate in a tough but effective workout,” explains Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., who created the program along with his wife, Kara Mohr, Ph.D., an exercise psychologist. “It’s like a BOGO deal for your physique!”

To maximize your results, combine this workout program with the smart fuel-up meal plan. Together, they create a fail-safe blueprint to help you build muscle, shed fat, and power through each day feeling your absolute best.


Phase 1 (Weeks 1–4) 

Perform 3 sets of each circuit (exercises 1A-1C & 2A-2C) in order, resting 30 seconds between each circuit for the first set, 45 seconds for the second, and 60 seconds for the third. Rest is shortest between sets when you start and progresses as you continue. Starting in Week 3, you’ll add on some high-intensity finishers to a few of your workouts. 

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Phase 1

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4