Angelica Teixeira didn’t win the Bikini Olympia twice without putting in serious work in her off-seasons. This one has been a bit different, with most people losing access to gyms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped Teixeira from getting in great workouts at home.

The bikini pro recently took over the Olympia’s Instagram page, detailing her day in quarantine with meals, workouts, and answering fan questions (catch it here in the Olympia’s story highlights).

Teixeira starts her day off with a quick shake that has whey protein and l-glutamine, an amino acid that helps prevent muscle breakdown. Then, she eats breakfast and gets to work with her online training clients.

About 45 minutes after she eats lunch, it’s time to train. “I always like to train, both in the off-season and during prep, after at least two meals,” she says.

During her Olympia Home Gym Series Takeover, Teixeira knocked out a glute workout with minimal equipment. All it requires is some bands, ankle weights, and light dumbbells. But don’t let the minimal equipment fool you—the routine is no walk in the park.

Teixeira started off with some physical therapy exercises to warm up, since she had an injured knee at the time. Once you’re warmed up, it’s time to get to work.

Angelica Teixeira’s At-Home Glute Workout

Teixeira notes that even if you do these moves with just your body weight, you can get a great workout in. Video of the moves can be found here in the Olympia’s Instagram stories.

 Exercise   Sets   Reps 
  Banded Glute Bridge with Dumbbells on Hips  4  20 each leg + 10 pulses and hold for 10 seconds
  Single-leg Glute Bridge  4  20 each leg
  Donkey Kicks with Ankle Weights  4  20 each leg
  Glute Kickbacks with Ankle Weights  4  20 each leg + 20 pulses each leg
  Lying Banded Glute Raise (with torso supported on a raised surface stomach-down) with Ankle Weights  4  30
  TRX Squats  4  30

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