Time-Saver Workout: 12 Minute HIIT Bootcamp

Burn serious calories during your workout in just 12 minutes.

Woman In A Gym Doing A Back Squat
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This less-than 20-minute workout is by Lisa-Marie Zbozen, a HIIT Trainer.

Do 50 sec. on, 10 sec. rest, once, performing the cardio or strength move between each exercise. 

Cardio Move: Under Bar Tuck

  • From standing, imagine there is a bar beside your right shoulder, parallel to floor. Step right leg out to side and duck under the “bar.” Bring left leg next to right and do a tuck jump. Repeat on left.

Strength Move: Single-arm Clean & Press to Squat Press

  • Stand with feet shoulder width and dumbbell on floor in front of you. Keeping your back straight, drop into a squat. At bottom, grab dumbbell with right hand. As you come back to standing, press dumbbell overhead until arm locks out at top, palm facing left wall. Lower dumbbell to shoulder height, drop into a squat. Return to standing, pressing dumbbell overhead again. Return weight to floor and repeat on left.

10 Mountain Climbers to Chair Pose to Competition Burpee Tuck Jump

  • Get in plank and do 10 mountain climbers per side, finishing in plank. Stand up into Chair Pose, legs together and in half squat, arms and back in a straight line 45 degrees to floor. Lower into a burpee, then return to standing and do a tuck jump.

Half Burpee Upright Row

  • With a barbell on the floor in front of you, hop feet out into top of pushup, then hop feet back into wide stance. While low with back flat, grab barbell, stand up, and perform upright row.

Spider Pushup to Foot Kick

  • Using a chair or a bench, begin in a foot-elevated pushup. Bend right knee toward right elbow as you drop into a spider pushup. As you come back up, kick right foot beneath you and to left. Return foot to bar, and continue on left side.

Weighted Narrow Back Squat to Sumo

  • With barbell resting across traps and feet hip width, drop into a squat. Return to standing. Step your left foot out to the side and squat. Repeat with right foot.

Side Pushup Knee & Tuck Jump

  • From top of pushup, position right hand under shoulder, fingers facing forward and left hand staggered 1 or 2 inches in front of your shoulder with your fingers facing to the right. Perform a pushup, bringing right knee to touch right elbow. Return to foot to top of pushup. Jump feet toward hands, come to standing, and perform a tuck jump. Repeat on the other side with left hand.

V Ab Roll

  • Lie on right hip, using right arm for support. Engaging obliques, pull knees in while lifting upper body to form a leaning V-up. Lower legs and upper body, without letting them touch the floor, and roll on to your left hip. Repeat. Alternate in this way for the duration of the interval.

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