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How to Break Fitness Plateaus Like a Pro

Smash through your plateau with this workout plan designed by IFBB pro Fiona Harris.

Sara Forrest

Stuck in a rut? If you exercise regularly but can’t figure out how to smash plateaus, you’re in the right place. This plan, by IFBB fitness pro Fiona Harris, will trim inches off your thighs, tone and sculpt your arms, perk up your glute-ham tie-in, and create defiinition like your Insta-idol @NicoleMWilkins. By manipulating variables such as intensity and frequency, and incorporating different training techniques—like heavy/low-rep and light/high-frequency body-part splits, plus cardio, HIIT, and plyometrics—you will keep your body progressing right to the top.

Recommended workout weekly split

  • DAY 1: Lower-body workout 1, heavy weights; 35 minutes steady-state cardio
  • DAY 2: Chest/shoulders, StepMill HIIT cardio
  • DAY 3: Plyometric whole-body workout, rower HIIT cardio
  • DAY 4: Rest
  • DAY 5: Lower-body workout 2, high-volume 35 minutes steady-state cardio
  • DAY 6: Back/arms, treadmill HIIT cardio
  • DAY 7: Rest

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