Getting your macro balance on point is an easy way to control your calories, promote a more optimal body composition, and support fitness goals, but it’s not the only nutrient group you should be paying attention to. If the quality of your food choices are lacking, you’re likely missing out on essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive and function properly.

How to Tell if You Have a Nutrient Deficiency

Micronutrient benefits are not always felt the same way macros are – you get immediate energy after eating macros, and they play a major role in how you feel every day. Whereas micronutrient benefits are most noticeable if a deficiency is present.

Micros, also known as vitamins and minerals, are involved in billions of processes throughout your body and correcting even minor deficiencies can result in significant improvements that you will notice. However, taking more than needed doesn’t always mean these processes will become extra efficient!

While ultimately the best way to assess your nutrition intake is by tracking everything you eat and drink, you can also pay attention to how you feel each day.

Here some signs you might have a micronutrient deficiency and where it could be coming from:

Thin malnurished female staring at a plate with a single slice of cucumber while laying on the couch

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