Alphatech-5 (1)
Courtesy of Yamamato Nutrition
  • 100% hydrolyzed salmon protein
  • ProGo® certification
  • Protein with a molecular weight of less than 3000 Daltons with over 50% characterized by oligopeptides
  • Greater nitrogen retention than isolated and hydrolyzed whey proteins
  • One of the best solutions in the world with the highest bioavailability and the fastest absorption
  • Without xanthan gum, carrageenan and palm oil

One of the best solutions in the world with the highest bioavailability and the fastest absorption.

Alphatech-1 (1)
Courtesy of Yamamato Nutrition

What distinguishes this product?

  1. Greater nitrogen retention. AlphaTECH proteins have been shown to have nitrogen retention greater than 79% compared to isolated whey proteins and 20% compared to hydrolyzed whey proteins.
  2. Greater digestibility and absorption. AlphaTECH is a protein hydrolyzate consisting of oligopeptides and amino acids in free form, with a balanced amino acid composition and particularly similar to human tissues. In particular, it contains about 627 peptides (MALDI-TOF analysis) which are made up of various classes of small oligopeptides and amino acids in free form.
Alphatech-4 (1)
Courtesy of Yamamato Nutrition

The hydrolyzed mixture of AlphaTECH, is thus in a “pre-digested” form, and is divided into 5 fractions of classes of peptides based on their weight and molecular size and with high bioactive power with extraordinary biological properties: 110-1000 Dalton, 1000-1500 Dalton, 1500-2000 Dalton, 2000-2500 Dalton, and > 2500 Dalton.

Therefore, 100% of all the hydrolyzate results to have a molecular weight lower than 3000 Dalton with + 50% being characterized by oligopeptides. We keep in mind that whey proteins generally have a 70% or more of proteins with a molecular weight of over 10,000 Daltons. This will particularly affect speed of digestibility and absorption. In fact, the di- and tripeptides cross the apical membrane by means of the pepT1, H + dependent transporter (cotransport) making them even faster thanks to this “preferential” lane.

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