When U.S. Navy man and bodybuilder Jamie McTizic seeks to support his rigorous weight-training regimen, he turns to the ultimate supplement stack from APS. Complete with all the energy-boosting, fat-burning and muscle-building formulations needed for optimal results, McTizic gets everything he needs to fuel his daily physical demands – both on the ship and in the gym. Getting Warrior Fit is not for everyone, but if you’ve got the guts to see it through, you’ll want the APS stack to have your back every step of the way.


Based on a carefully crafted unique matrix of proven and effective agents, coupled with advanced and highly innovative compounds at potent doses, Phenadrine effortlessly takes versatility and synergy to completely new levels. With a two-in-one punch, Phenadrine fuses advanced weight loss stimulation and intense workout potentiation like no other supplement. A standard setter, Phenadrine will deliver results right from the first dose. Every time! No tolerance build up! No hit-and-miss! Phenadrine was engineered to work; to catapult your performance to a new league!

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The original Mesomorph was revered in the bodybuilding community for its extreme energy igniting, vein blasting, and fatigue fighting power formula! Mesomorph V2.0 is the new King of concentrated pre-workout performance supplements and the first non-DMAA pre-workout powder to deliver similar results to its own counterpart. APS Mesomorph V2.0 uses focus and energy boosters to ensure that your workout and training reaches its maximum performance potential. This complete pre-workout energy matrix powder is the only product on the market to deliver full clinical dosage of its state of the art ingredients. No fillers, no worthless ingredients, and no aggressive crash.

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Chain’d-Reaction is an advanced post-workout performance supplement specifically formulated to help your body recover from the extreme physical demands of high-intensity workouts. Ideal for elite athletes and hardcore bodybuilders, Chain’d-Reaction can also help weekend warriors and beginners. Chain’d-Reaction is an incredible breakthrough in the supplementation of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and recovery aids for muscle growth and repair after grueling training sessions.

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IsoMorph 28 Pure Whey Isolate is the end-all, be-all AAA-rated whey protein isolate product, including hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. IsoMorph 28 Pure Whey Isolate contains extremely small protein molecules—this means that they can be completely absorbed because the intestinal wall allows them to pass through thanks to their small size. Since these small proteins get into your bloodstream via the small intestine, they get to work right away and require minimal effort from your digestive system.

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