Get ripped, get huge, get stronger and more amped up — you hear the same supplement promises all the time.

The supps world is deeply laden with these claims, some are true but most come with a hefty price tag. Add in vitamins, oils, and joint formulas and it can become downright overwhelming for anyone trying to save a buck.

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Trying to build a super stack that will help you build solid muscle and get ripped without leaving you penniless, is not an easy task, but this quick guide will help you get the most bang for your buck. Don’t assume that these suggestions mean you need to stop buying everything. Instead, just use this when cash gets tight. There’s no way to cover every angle with just a few supplements, but the right choices can bridge gaps.

Cut the Fat Burners


A diligent diet is a requirement for anyone trying to stay in top shape. This is even more true when you’re broke. Fat burners, testosterone boosters, and over-priced stimulant-based products are a luxury that can be removed. You will save some money, especially when you dump the late night bar food binging and frivolous party eats. Need an energy boost? Drink cheap coffee at your house. Your new best supplement friend should be a good BCAA product. Rather than skimp on them, use them only before or after workouts — you could stretch a month and half out of one container. Fortunately, you can find discount protein and creatine, and along with that clean balanced diet, you will be able to build size and strength, with little sacrifice. While all proteins and creatines are not the same, they are close enough for anyone to make solid gains.

Watch for Bargains


Hunt around and you will likely find BOGOs (Buy-One-Get-One sales). Go big on containers like a 10-pound bag of protein, and two kilogram tub of creatine. While initial cost will set you back a little in the beginning, you will have several months of fuel, keeping your costs way down in the long run. Also, look for near expiration deals as the discounts will be substantial. Most products will last several months past their expiration date. It is reasonable with smart shopping to get everything you need for around $50 per month. If that is still too high, consider what else you spend your money on and how that contributes to your health and exercise goals. When you are on a budget, you need to make cuts. Drop one night of going out with your peeps, and your supplement program will remain intact and provide serious results. Keep the big three, dump the rest, and don’t let your banking status inhibit your gains.

Take A Monthly Outlook

Don’t think of stocking up on supps the same way you think about shopping for food. Due to their nature, you’ll need to take a longer-term view when filling out your pantry. Different brands offer a range of prices, and naturally, larger investments on the front end (as I noted before) will pay dividends down the road. Those trying to save a dime also need to be frugal with their dosing.

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Slow Your Pace

  • A 2-3-pound bag of protein should last about one month (at 1 scoop per day).
  • 300 grams of creatine should last about one month (at 1-2 scoops per day).
  • 300 grams of BCAA should last about one month (at 1-2 scoops per day).

Keep it All Under $50

Understand that these prices slant more toward the low end of the market. The main point is that weekly, with good shopping, the amount you spend on your supplement stack can easily hover around $12. That’s a considerable savings that will still net you the solid dosing you need! Here’s the math for one month:

  • $20 (protein) + $10 (creatine) + $20 (BCAAs) = $50 (possibly as low as $43 assuming you could get this at the low end)

Here’s what that looks like for a (cheaper) three-month outlook:

  • $60 (protein) + $15 (creatine) + $45 (BCAAs) = $120 (possibly lower for 3 months or about $40 per month)