Multitasking is a corporate buzzword that has made its way into the lexicon of our daily lives. Our days (and nights) are so jam-packed with work, going to the gym, and spending time with friends and family that we often try to do all those things at once. We talk on cell phones while driving, and we e-mail on our laptops while surfing the web and catching up on our Netflix watchlist. But is all this juggling really efficient? 

Research says no. Doing multiple things at once reduces productivity—not just in the office, but outside as well. Depending on the complexity of the job, most people can’t focus enough on any one thing to actually do it well. Translation? We suck at multitasking, but your supplements may not.

Here’s a list of 13 hardworking, multitasking, efficient ingredients that should be part of everyone’s supplement stack. 

The Ultimate Starter’s Guide: Supplements

The Ultimate Starter’s Guide: Supplements

Take these five tried-and-true supplements to put your physique over the top.

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