He may be relatively new to the pro circuit, but Chase Savoie is quickly making a name for himself in the bodybuilding world. The rising Men’s Physique star has been an Allmax athlete for just over a year. Since receiving his IFBB Pro card about a year ago, Savoie has placed 2nd in the New York Pro show last year and more recently took home 1st in the Puerto Rico Pro show, which gave him his Olympia qualification.

Savoie credits the combination of training, diet and supplements for his success as a pro bodybuilder—all of which play an integral role in his physical development. As for training, Savoie admits he likes to do more super and tri-setting when cutting down. By raising the intensity and limiting his rest to (mostly) 30-seconds between each set, he feels the greatest gains can be achieved. Savoie also prefers to go heavy only on the big compound lifts—squats, deadlifts and bench press—while the remainder of his moves are with lighter weights for a more controlled mind-muscle connection. Below is a quick look at Savoie’s must-do exercises for each body part, along with his weekly training split.

Savoie’s must-do moves

Legs: Squat
Back: Deadlift
Chest: Incline Bench Press
Shoulders: Behind-the-Neck Press
Triceps: Lying EZbar Skull Crusher
Biceps: EZ-bar Preacher Curl
Calves: Donkey Calf Raise
Abs: Hanging Knee Raise

Savoie’s Training Split

Monday: Chest, delts, triceps
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back, biceps
Thursday: Off
Friday: Chest, delts, triceps
Saturday: Back, biceps
Sunday: Off

Savoie’s Supp Stack


Pre-Workout (half hour before working out)

Pre Workout AllMax


Intra Workout AllMax


Intra Workout AllMax

Off Season

Carbion Allmax
  • Carbion (50 grams during workout)


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