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Get Your Beach Body on for Summer

Combine your training and healthy eating plan with these top performing supplements

Get Your Beach Body on for Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and it will soon be time to put your form on full display. Is it ripped and ready to be showcased, or is some fine-tuning still in order? Before heading out to the nearest body of water in your favorite swimwear, you’ll want to be sure you’re physique is shredded to the max for optimal visual appeal.

Combined with your training and healthy eating plan, supplements can help to further enhance your body sculpting goals. By stacking the following four supplements into your nutritional mix, you’ll be better equipped to drop more body fat and build more lean muscle for that coveted chiseled, summer physique.

Pre-workout Formula:

Nothing gets your workout off to a better start, and propels you to the finish line better than a superior quality pre-workout drink. From increased strength and endurance to improved energy and focus, the benefits of a pre-workout formula are many when it comes to your overall mental and physical performance. For anyone serious about building lean muscle and getting ripped, pre-workout supplementation is essential.

The synergistic compounded formula in a pre-workout supplement provides the anabolic hormonal environment to supercharge your workout and give you a full muscular pump for vascularity. While the supplement industry is stacked with pre-workout powders and pills, there are a select few that stand above the rest. One product certainly worthy of the top spot in the pre-workout category is BPI Sports 1.M.R. The steady, lasting energy boost you’ll get from this product is well documented. No temporary spikes, just stronger muscles, and vein popping pumps that will have others take notice.


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The Stack Includes:


Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey


MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

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