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The winter season brings with it many great things, including holiday celebrations with family and friends, great memories, and plenty of seasonal, cold-weather treats. Of course, some of those good things tend to lead to one undesirable result: Weight gain! No matter how hard you plan to keep up with your workouts and avoid overindulgence, the unwanted pounds can add up quickly.

1. Train like there’s no tomorrow

Whether it’s two pounds or 20, an unplanned “bulking” phase can affect your mind just as much as your body, but you don’t have to let that happen. Accept your winter physique as a challenge. Instead of sitting around feeling bad and lethargic, use all that stored energy to get up and do something—you may find yourself more motivated than ever. Search Muscle and Fitness or Flex for a workout routine you’ll actually stick to, and start today! As Apollo Creed said in Rocky III, “There is no tomorrow!”

2. Ignite your fat-burning fire

Regular exercise is an obvious way to put all that “stored energy” to good use, but the real secret is to ensure that you’re truly mobilizing all that stored body fat to fuel your workouts. When most people think of a supplement that will help them drop fat quickly, the fat-shedding super supplement TIGHT! XTREME RELOADED is at the top of their list—and for good reason… It works!

Incorporating this proven body fat annihilator into your physique-forming arsenal is a no brainer. The potent thermogenic effects of TIGHT! are proven to melt fat quickly, and it’s got a full spectrum of ingredients that help increase mental focus to keep your motivation and intensity high. If you’re shaping up for spring from a long, winter-eating fling, you need to maintain the highest levels of focus while keeping your metabolism stoked for shedding every ounce of fat from your body. TIGHT! XTREME RELOADED is the undeniable choice.

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3. Use fat to burn fat

One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting in shape is that they try to completely eliminate all fat from their diets. While the wrong types of dietary fat are certainly harmful to your health and appearance, there are essential and beneficial fats that you should always maintain in your diet.

The essential fatty acids (EFAs) in LIPIDEX are exactly that… Essential! Plus, there are beneficial fats that can help you burn fat and retain muscle. Rather than risking the increased calories and unknown quality of fats sourced solely from your diet, LIPIDEX offers the perfect balance of health-building Omega-3, 6, and 9, as well as fat-burning and muscle-building CLA with EPA, DHA, and GLA. All from the highest-quality sources available.

4. Build muscle and increase strength – while dieting?!

Even when a ripped-beyond-belief physique is your main objective, there are a few goals you always have in your subconscious, and they’re the ones that keep you coming back for more: Intense workouts, increased strength, and expanding muscle volume. These are the feelings you strive for even when you’re burning fat. The reduced calories from a strict diet can make those tough, but that doesn’t have to be the case…

V-12 with CREA-CHARGE+ is the perfect addition to your fat-burning plan, plus it will supercharge your muscle-building efforts. Creatine is proven to boost energy and power output on a cellular level, which is obviously great for the muscle-building process, but that adds another key advantage that many people don’t think of… The increased power and energy means you’re burning more calories and shedding more fat.

V-12 with CREA-CHARGE+ is nothing like other creatine products on the market. Advanced science and research have driven SAN to produce a new breed of creatine supplement, containing the five most advanced forms of creatine currently available. This high-octane formula contains the following advanced forms of creatine, all in the ideal, result-producing amounts:

  • C2M (Dicreatine Malate): Creatine combined with malic acid to provide ultra-high bioavailability and noticeably increased endurance and stamina.
  • Creatine Magna Power: Creatine molecules protected by magnesium creatine chelate, allowing the magnesium to further buffer fatigue product buildup and the creatine to be maximally absorbed.
  • C-HCL (Creatine HCL): Creatine with enhanced stability, easy absorption, and higher gram-per-gram dosing over other forms thanks to being in a hydrochloride form.
  • CreaSolv (Creatine Monohydrate): Micronized creatine that offers 20 times more surface area than typical monohydrate forms. This means quick and complete mixing and absorption.
  • CP (Creatine Phosphate): Creatine in it’s most readily available form, phosphorylated for the quickest ADP/ATP production possible.

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This ultra-advanced creatine formula also utilizes the nutrient-absorption magnifier AstraGin and the blood-glucose supporting nutrient Cinnulin PF. Combined with hard training and smart nutrition, this is the key to reaching your fat-burning and muscle-building goals. V-12 with CREA-CHARGE+ helps preserve lean muscle tissue and increase strength and energy even on the strictest diet.

Get your V-12 going for a spring-physique worth showing

The fat-melting super supplements TIGHT! XTREME RELOADED and LIPIDEX are available for through SAN Nutrition directly or from your favorite, authorized SAN online retailer, but the one-of-a-kind, research-driven V-12 with CREA-CHARGE+ is currently available only as a pre-sale item directly through SAN Nutrition. You won’t find this ultra-advanced formula anywhere else until the middle of March, and it will already be close to strip-down-for-the-summer weather by then.

The regular retail price of this extraordinary product is just $49.99; however, if you order right now and use product coupon code MF25%, the cost will be reduced to just $37.50 per bottle. This will ensure that your next 60 workouts are the most productive you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll have the full, highly-detailed muscles to show off all your hard work.

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