Going green continues to grow in popularity. Now, it’s even in the bedroom. Yes, sex has gone eco-rotic with adult products and toys (including the four below). Save the planet without sacrificing your performance or pleasure.

Lubricant Lickeurs

Hathor Aphrodisia’s glycerin-free, herbal lube is flavored with organic concentrates and a botanical sweetener so you can really enjoy her sweet spot. The condom-friendly gel also contains horny goat weed, a popular natural aphrodisiac.
$22 @ hathorbody.com


Massage Candles

Ignite Me soy-based candles don’t produce soot or carcinogens and melt down to a clear slippery oil that’s great for rubdowns.
2 oz./$10 or 4 oz./$15 @ goodvibes.com


Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator

In this case, size really doesn’t matter. The small flexible, vibrating ears on JimmyJane’s compact Form 2 vibrator are Earth-friendly and ergonomically designed. And they still deliver big pleasure. The vib’s also rechargeable; no batteries to throw into landfills.
$135 @ jimmyjane.com


Sheer Caress Condoms

Protect yourself—and the Earth—with these condoms from French Letter. The UK brand uses only natural latex from organic farms, harvested under sustainable and Fair Trade conditions. Buy them and a portion of your money goes to improve the lives of the rubber producers.
12-pack/$15 @ frenchlettercondoms.co.uk


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