Thinking back to high school and college, was an impromptu romp in the back of your car or in the bathroom of a party the norm? Fast forward to now: Think your girl wouldn’t enjoy a joy ride or a ballsy quickie on the beach?

Think again. We polled women to find out where—literally anywhere—they love to get it on outside of the bedroom. Your girlfriend might be more adventurous than you think…

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“I like the freedom and buoyancy of having sex in the pool.” – Nicole G. 

Most Romantic Sex Positions >>>

“Great sex with a terrible ex… on the bathroom sink.” – Sarah H. 

Have a Quickie the Right Way >>>

“The car. When the angle of the seat is right and you work up a good sweat, things just heat up and get so much sexier. Plus, there’s always the risk of getting caught.” – Ashley S. 

Having More Sex Makes You More Attractive >>>

“Couch sex is OK. Car sex sucks. And I once had sex in a bathroom at a wedding…” – Rachel D. 

The Surprising Reason You’re Not Getting Off in Bed >>>

“Somewhere outdoors, but also concealed, like on a beach or picnic table.” – Alexa R. 

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“Definitely not the shower—that s***’s hard. But one time I had sex in the bathroom of a party and that was fun.” – Bethany G. 

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“The car, because being confined to a small space is intimate and you can feel adventurous together—until someone throws a full beer can at your door and it scares you to death… and leaves a dent.” – Brianna S. 

Are You a Wimp in Bed? >>>

“Bathroom counter. It can be interesting.” – Anna M. 

Strong Hips Will Help Your Sex Life >>>

“Somewhere public—not necessarily in a store or restaurant bathroom, but more like if we were at a party and we go outside so no one can see.” – Rachel F.

The Mistake That’s Causing Your Sex Life to Suffer >>>

“Car. I’m not that adventurous location-wise.” – Heather A. 

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“Only happened once, but the upper stacks of the school library in college.” – Arden S. 

15 Sex Positions She Wants You to Do That’ll Get Her Off Every Time >>> 

“Shower. I’m not that crazy.” – Brigid M.  

20 Sex Positions That’ll Get her Off Every Time >>>

“The beach because it has a great view.” Melanie L.  

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“Sex in a car is always fun because it’s usually an I-need-you-now kind of hookup. But the logistics aren’t always the best.” – Tara M.

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“The shower. It’s more of a closed space and intimate.” – Vanessa P.

How to Use a Vibrator During Sex >>>

“The car because making it rock and seeing the windows fog up is really hot.” – Sierra F.

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“This is going to sound unsanitary, but I love having sex in the kitchen… sitting on the counter while he stands in front of me or bracing myself against the table while he enters from behind. The fact it’s a communal space and we’re not behind closed doors really gets me going. And I clean everything after, FYI!” – Elizabeth G. 

How to Blow Her Mind Just By Using Your Mouth >>>

“My boyfriend has a pool table in his basement. I swear we only play because we know it’ll lead to sex at some point—the banter gets me going and I know after a while my leaning over will drive him nuts.” – Lindsay P.

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“I’ve only done this once, but I’m dying to do it again: My boyfriend was rubbing tanning oil on me—we were at a remote private beach—and one thing lead to another, and we ended up having super hot, slippery sex right there on our beach towels.” – Rebecca F. 

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“OK, so this isn’t exactly a novelty but I’m always a fan of couch sex. There’s something exhilirating about doing it with some risk involved.” – Tara N. 

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