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This full-body program focuses on building massive pythons.

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Let’s get one thing straight: the arms are small muscles. And we’re not just talking about your arms the way they appear now—no offense. The biceps and triceps don’t cover much surface area, especially compared to the lats, glutes, and quads. As a result they don’t need to be worked with a lot of different exercises or with heavy weights. In fact, you’re probably already doing more than you need to for them, and they’re showing their resentment by not growing. Stupid arms…

This program takes the less is more approach. If you’re already following a body-part split, your bi’s and tri’s are getting plenty of stimulation in your chest, shoulder, and back workouts. You don’t need to do much more than that. That’s why this program asks only that you devote one day to direct arm training, and let a conventional body-part split take care of the rest.

The other days of the week are designated “off” days. Perform no weight training but be as active as you can—do cardio, play a sport, stretch and foam roll, etc. In 28 days, if you’ve been eating enough (see the Muscle&Fitness Food Pyramid HERE for guidelines on how to gain muscle weight), you can expect to see an extra quarter-inch on your arms.

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