Size, strength, and power are all intertwined—hence the tagline “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.” So let’s talk about that last attribute.

If you’ve got some size and are decently strong, explosiveness is the tip of the spear and should be trained weekly. One of the best ways to do so is via the classic clean. If you’ve been avoiding cleans because “Olympic lifting isn’t my thing,” remember that there are countless variations of the move aside from those at the CrossFit Games and international weightlifting competitions. And not all of them require a barbell, if that’s your concern.

Here are six different cleans to rotate through your training program to make your big, strong muscles much more powerful.

7 Leg-Busting Tips from an Olympic Weightlifter

7 Leg-Busting Tips from an Olympic Weightlifter

When it comes to building bigger thighs, you’re probably getting these things wrong.

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