Leg Exercises

Ultimate Quads and Hamstrings Workout

Crush the norm and do away with the comfortable with this man-making, thigh-swelling routine. Only the dedicated need apply.

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There’s something about the pursuit of the “ultimate” amongst men that begets greatness. Chasing that which is seen as unattainable by others fuels us. Drives us. Propels us to do more, to sacrifice more, to suffer more. And when you have a deep-seated desire to have a thigh-swelled physique – one capable of squatting inordinate amounts of weight – we can become committed to the requisite misery.

To get the most out of leg day, this needs to be your attitude. We are going to look at the ultimate routine for quads and hams. This routine will pay huge dividends both for the working professional with limited time in the gym and the most seasoned pro.


Ronnie Coleman, the most accomplished bodybuilder of all-time, commenced every leg workout with heavy squats. So did Tom Platz, whom many consider to have had the greatest legs of all-time. Branch Warren fan? Well, he kicks off leg day with squats, too.

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Virtually every study performed on squats confirms their efficiency for athletic transference, size, strength and anabolic hormone secretion. Optimum development, as the aforementioned leg dynamos will tell you, requires a full range of motion.

After you are warmed up, you just have to squat for 15 minutes. Start with a weight you are capable of doing 10 reps with. For set one, do seven reps. Rest one minute and attempt seven reps again. If you are unable to do seven reps, do six reps…if you cannot do six reps do five, you can keep this up all the way to set of one. Repeat this process for 15 minutes…using the same weight. In each instance, you are doing as many reps as you feel capable of doing using that 10-rep weight.