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5-Minute Workout: Log Clean and Press

The move will build total-body strength and a pair of sleeve-busting shoulders. Best of all: This workout takes less than five minutes.

log clean and press
Duration 5 min
Exercises 1
Equipment Yes

Strongman equipment isn’t just for strongman competitors. The log press is a fantastic way to add variety to your routine and give your body a brand-new stimulus for growth—a point I’m always hammering home to the members of my gym. Because it has neutral-grip handles it also reduces the often inflammatory effect overhead pressing has on the shoulders.

The log is also a relatively cheap and scalable alternative to standard gym gear—and it’s fun to use, too. When using the log be careful not to power-clean it from the lap position to the rack. Instead, roll the log up your belly to the rack in a controlled manner. Power cleaning the log may put unnecessary stress on your biceps. Return the log all the way to the ground in between each rep.

One of my favorite CrossFit workouts ever is named “Grace,” which is 30 reps of a clean and press with 135 pounds. Taking that setup and replacing the barbell with a log press creates a whole new animal, which we’ll call a modified Grace, detailed below.

3 Steps for Mastering the Log Press

1. Either deadlift or bentover-row the log into your hips. This is called the “lap” position. Pull the log tight against your chest. Tuck your chin down, and round your back.

2. Raise your butt slightly to load your hamstrings. Lean back and roll the log up your body to the rack position. Push your elbows up and squeeze them in toward each other.

3. Dip your hips and knees quickly, then explosively extend, pressing the log overhead to a fully locked-out position.

Want Your Own Log? Go to and enter “log” in the search box; 10-inch (70-pound) and eight-inch (50-pound) logs are available.

The Workout

Exercise 1

Clean and Press You'll need: Barbell How to
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-- sets
30 reps
-- rest
Load the log press with plates so that it weighs 135 pounds. Perform the log clean and press 30 times, resting as needed to perform it safely. Record your total time for future reference.