Workout Routines

The Best Erg Circuit Finishers for Greater Core Strength and Conditioning

Implement the following erg circuits post-training to torch calories and get fitter.

Cardio workout on rowing machine
Vasily Pindyurin / Getty

If you’re searching for a form of cardio that’ll have you sucking wind without punishing your joints, then look no further than the rowing machine, aka the erg.

Proper form is a must when it comes to the indoor rowing machine, but once you've got it down, you're in for some calorie-torching cardio sessions. Try the workouts below to switch up your routine and get your heart pumping.

Circuit A:

  • Sprint on the erg for 500 meters
  • Pike on the erg for 10 reps

Circuit B:

  • Sprint on the erg for 250 meters
  • Knee Tuck on the erg for 10 reps