Minimal-equipment workouts are more popular than ever, and for good reason. With just a few items—in the case of this kettlebell complex ladder routine from celebrity trainer Don Saladino, two kettlebells—you can get a quick, effective workout in.

This taxing routine involves kettlebell squats, swings, cleans, presses, and snatches, performed as a complex, which means you’ll be doing one move after another circuit-style without putting the weights down at all.

The rep scheme of the workout is a ladder, meaning you start off with a set number of reps in the first round, but increase the reps as the workout goes on. Choose a weight you’re comfortable with, because you’ll be holding onto it for dear life by the fifth round.

Saladino starts off with one rep of each move (five total reps in the round) in round one and climbs to five reps of each move (25 total reps in the round) by the end of the routine.

If it still sounds confusing, try looking at it in table form:

Don Saladino’s Kettlebell Complex Ladder Workout      
 Exercise  Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Round 5
 KB Squat   1   2   3  4   5
 KB Swing   1   2   3  4   5
 KB Clean   1   2   3  4   5
 KB Press   1   2   3  4   5
KB Snatch   1   2   3  4   5

You can either do the routine straight through with no breaks like Saladino, who would typically take a three to five-minute break and repeat the entire complex one or two more times, or you can take 30 to 60-second breaks between each round.

Simple as it is, remember that by the last round, you’ll have done 25 straight reps without a break. The routine is quick for Saladino, but he stresses going at your own pace.

Watch his full Instagram Live video here for some in-depth form tips to get through this intense routine.