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How to Do the Decline Weighted Crunch

Try this core exercise for a denser, more defined six-pack.

Dense and Define Your Six-Pack with Declined Sit Ups
Edgar Artica

The decline weighted situp is a harder take on the classic crunch that’ll torch your deep core muscles for a denser, more defined six-pack. start with a shallow angle to get used to exercise and make it steeper over time.

Did you know? The decline situp works not only the abs but also the hips, making you a better runner and stronger squatter. The extra weight forces maximum recruitment or the rectus abdominis, promoting growth of the six-pack muscle so I can show even under your shirt


  1. Angle a bench downward. Hook your feet under the pad and hold a weight plate on your chest
  2. Exhale and curl your body up off the bench until your elbows touch your thighs. Slowly return to start


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