New York Lizards midfielder Paul Rabil of Major League Lacrosse is one of the sport’s most accomplished players. But that’s just his day job. Off the field, he’s a social media personality with 76K Twitter followers, more than 100K subscribers to his YouTube channel, plus a growing podcast, “Suiting Up.” And the 31-year-old, 10-year lacrosse vet’s star is only rising, thanks to his meticulous approach to clean living. Here’s how Rabil keeps his body conditioned in a three-step workout plan.

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Dynamic Warmup

Directions: Do each move in increments of 10 yards once through.

  1. Knee tuck
  2. Frankenstein walk
  3. Lunge and twist
  4. Deep lunge
  5. Inchworm
  6. Toe touch

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Agility/Speed Ladder

Directions: Do two rounds of 10 reps for each exercise, but just one shuttle run.

  1. Icky shuffle
  2. Icky shuffle (backward)
  3. Two in, two out
  4. Two in, two out (backward)
  5. 300-yard shuttle
Tire Flips

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Full-body strength

  1. Goblet squat; sets: 5, reps: 20
  2. Barbell glute bridge; sets: 4, reps: 15
  3. Kettlebell swing; sets: 4, reps: 30 (Perform 10 reps with each arm, then 10 full reps, for a total of 30 reps.)
  4. Weighted pullup; sets: 4, reps: 8-10
  5. TRX standing chest press; sets: 4, reps: as many as possible (Pause for two seconds at the bottom of each rep.)
  6. Arnold press; sets: 3, reps: 15
  7. Leg-up crunch; sets: 1, reps: 100
  8. Leg flutter; sets: 1, reps: 200
  9. Plank; sets: 1, reps: 3 min.