If you’re still looking for a simple, minimal-equipment workout regimen to help you get shredded during quarantine, then look no further. Personal trainer, actor, and at-home workout fanatic Andy McDermott has designed this simple three-day-a-week, two month workout regimen that utilizes nothing but your bodyweight and a pullup bar.

If you weren’t lucky enough to secure a bar before every piece of fitness equipment known to man sold out on Amazon, you could easily visit your local playground and use the monkey bars or something similar.

Each day you’ll be doing a circuit workout, meaning one move right after the other, and going back to the first move for Round 2. You get to decide how many rounds you want to do, as well as the set/rep scheme.

“You adapt the workout to your abilities,” McDermott says. “Maybe you can only do 3 rounds of 3 repetitions, or you can do 10 rounds of 15. Maybe you need to use the chair under the bar to support your feet and help get you over the bar, or maybe you need to wear a weight vest to increase resistance … You’re only competing with yourself.”

Where it says “active recovery,” pick something like jumping rope, jumping jacks, skiers, etc. to do for one minute.

On the days you’re not working out, you’ll be doing cardio (like any other workout plan).

Here are the workouts.

Day 1:

  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Opposite Pointers
  • Active Recovery

Day 2:

  • Chinups
  • Wide-to-Narrow Pushups
  • Lunge-Throughs
  • T-Planks / X-Planks
  • Active Recovery

Day 3:

  • Wide-Grip Pullups
  • Feet-Elevated Pushups
  • Single-Leg RDL
  • Hand Walkouts
  • Active Recovery

For tips on each move and advice on how to modify the workouts, watch McDermott’s video here.