Sandbags can be excellent workout tools for boosting your strength and getting shredded fast. Plus, they’re fun and easy to use.

The problem is not everyone has access to one — especially now while we’re all stuck at home and everyone panic bought every piece of fitness equipment known to man. Unless you’re the proud owner of an extensive sandbag collection, what are you to do when your home gym doesn’t have regular gym equipment? Give up? Absolutely not.

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino, who’s trained Hollywood stars like John Krasinski, Liev Schreiber, Emily Blunt and more, has your back. His unconventional sandbag hack? A duffel bag — yes, that ubiquitous sack you likely have lying around in your closet is your ticket for this tough full-body workout.

Take your biggest duffel bag and stuff it full of books, odd trophies, and whatever else you have around the house to make it heavy enough that this workout will challenge you.

“It’s like a sandbag — throw some books in it and let’s do some movements that we know we can perform,” Saladino says. He adds it’s the basis for a surprisingly demanding workout, one that left him sweating. “I would always envision things that you could use in a house, but until you actually go and do it and run through, like three or four rounds of it, tell me how it feels.”

Saladino’s workout incorporates moves like carries, lunging, planks, and lateral offset pushups. You might be shocked at how tough it is to move around a bag of books, especially while rotating. Get into the spirit of it, especially if it feels a bit absurd to you. Check out Saladino demonstrating the full-body duffle bag workout below and give it a try yourself.

Don Saladino’s Duffel Bag
Workout Routine. 4-5 rounds
Exercise Reps
Lunge to Rotation 8 each side
Plank with Pull Through 8 each side
Lateral offset Push-up 8 each side
One-arm bentover row 8 each side