Workout Routines

Three 15-Minute Muscle-Building Workouts

With your busy lifestyle in mind, we present 3 fast workouts for when you are big on building muscle but short on time.


Workout #1: Opposing Muscle Groups

Time: 15 Minutes

Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training (EDT) is a favorite around the Muscle & Fitness office for two simple reasons: 1, it’s quick and 2, it works! The idea here is to work opposing muscle groups for a given amount of time, rather than simply measuring sets and reps. When one muscle group is resting from the set, you’re working the other - continually building the intensity.

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Choose a weight that’s roughly your 20 rep max and start with sets of ten. This may seem easy, but remember that you’re doing this for 15 minutes with as little rest as possible so you’ll definitely feel the lactic acid building. When you’re done with one set, move right into the exercise for the opposing body part, and continue in this manner until the time is up. The key is to count the total reps done within that time frame and then increase it the next week. In this manner you’re constantly improving, which is the key to building muscle.

Sets: as many as it takes in the allotted time
Reps: 10
Rest: minimal, taken as needed
Opposing Muscle Groups

Day 1 - Front Squat/Seated Cable Row
Day 2 - Dumbbell Bench Press/Seated Cable Row
Day 3 - Deadlift/Chinup
Day 4 - Pullup/Pushup

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