What does it take to compete in Obstacle Course Racing? Well first of all, you might have to be just a little bit nuts! But after that, there are a few physical attributes, which really help you navigate through the course. Core strength, mobility, and pulling power are three of the notable characteristics of top-level OCR athletes.

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Hunter McIntyre is arguably the top OCR racer in the game right now. In his quest to always improve, he asked bodyweight training expert Andy McDermott for some help designing a TRX based workout to supplement his race preparation.

So, whether you compete in OCR or just want to train like an athlete, here is a challenging Bodyweight and TRX circuit. Aim for five rounds of this circuit, with a one minute “active rest” in between rounds.

1. HAND WALKOUT TO X-WING: Do 5 slow, controlled reps of this movement to work on your mobility, flexibility, and core strength.

2. TRX SPRINTER’S START: Do 5 reps each leg. This is an explosive movement that keeps your core activated while developing lower body power.

3. TRX POWER PULL: Do 5 reps each arm. While maintaining a strong core, this movement is one of the best ways to isolate the rotational pulling power of your upper body.

4. SQUAT TO GRAPPLER CURL: Aim for 10 reps. This exercise combines lower body strength, core activation, and upper body pulling power to get your total body moving as one machine.

5. MMA BURPEES: Aim for 5 reps each leg. This is one of the best exercises that Andy loves to hate! It taxes all the major muscle groups, and also trains your energy systems because it’s a metabolic monster.