You know the old saying: the couple who trains together, stays together. At least, we’re pretty sure that’s how it goes…

That’s why this Valentine’s Day, forget the wine and chocolates and bond over a hardcore workout and a delicious, nutritious, simple meal instead. We’ve got the complete guide to everything you need to get your endorphins racing and make you hot and sweaty for one another. What you choose to do after is completely up to you. 

Couple Workout

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Working out with your significant other can improve accountability, intimacy, and results.

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Romantic Dinner

Valentine’s Day Partner Workout: The Meal Pl...

Use this healthier menu to cook up some love day magic.

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Impress your Valentine without compromising either of your lifestyles.

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Couple Working Out With Barbells

The His and Hers Workout to Do With Your Significa...

Give this couple's workout a try to build muscle while spending time together.

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