Though a fitness lifestyle is full of goals to hit—there’s not really an end to any of it. You hit one set of goals and immediately push yourself further in order to get to the next set. And because the cycle of fitness goes on and on ad infinitum, some workouts will invariably be better than others. One day you’ll hammer out 225 on the bench for an easy set of 15, and the next week, that same weight will feel like you’re trying to push a Volvo off your chest.

Sometimes, you just have to chalk a bad workout up to the whims of the fitness gods; other times, that so-so session was fully within your control. And it only gets worse when one bad day leads to a bad week, leading to an off month. These uninspired workouts can go from anomalies to the norm real fast and can start eating away at your progress as a result.

If you’ve noticed that you haven’t quite been rattling the plates as often as you used to, we’re here to help. Here are six reasons why you just had a bad workout (and how you can bounce back). 

Man Tired, Resting In The Gym With Barbell

4 Ways to Save a Bad Workout

Bad workouts happen, but there are steps you can take to salvage them.

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