To truly unlock your full potential, everyone needs a scientifically backed program that ensures results. If you’re a raw, drug-tested powerlifter, the efficacy of your programming becomes even more important. That’s why we consulted Greg Nuckols for this month’s strength program. In 2013, Nuckols set a raw, drug-tested powerlifting total of 1,885 at a body weight of 242.

Suffice it to say that Nuckols’ programming is airtight, just like the bench program he presents here. Best of all, it’s so simple you could start doing it right now without changing everything else in your routine.

“Unlike training for size, strength training is like sprinting,” Nuckols says. “When quality breaks down, that part of the workout is over .”

Nuckols’ Bench Progression

Directions: Other lifts in your program are unaffected. This includes working sets, not warmup sets.

1. How Much Weight: Use a load between 80% and 85% of your one-rep max.

2. How Much Rest: As needed between sets so you can put forth maximum effort in each set, Nuckols says.

Week – Sets – Reps

  1           4           2
  2           6           2
  3           8           2

“I would max out no more than every three to four cycles [10-12 weeks] Nuckols says. “You can expect a 10- to 15-pound PR when you do.”

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