Big lifts don’t always require heavy weights for them to be effective. As you saw in my article for bodyweight moves for quads, the right lifting hacks can be game changers for the value they bring to your workout, especially if you’re a big lifter who carries a lot of muscle and weighs over 200 pounds.

The same rings true when it comes to your posterior chain musculature. In my work, many clients come to me for the first time thinking their glutes and hams are strong because they’ve got a heavy deadlift. It only takes a few biomechanical mods and exercise shifts to expose weak links they didn’t know they had — these bodyweight exercises for hamstrings and glutes among them.

Again, this article will contain Instagram videos showing you how to properly executive each move. Read along for helpful tips on how to properly do them before giving them a shot.

Pandemic or not, these moves belong in your arsenal for a healthy and strong backside.

Lee Boyce is a personal trainer, speaker, fitness writer and college professor based in Toronto, Canada. He is the owner and operator of and works with clients and athletes for strength, conditioning, and sport performance. With a background as a varsity level sprinter and long jumper in university amid his kinesiology studies, he now brings plenty of that experience and anecdote to the lectures and workshops he delivers around North America to help make trainers and fitness professionals more effective at their jobs. Follow him on all social media @coachleeboyce .