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How To Perform The Kettlebell Press-Out

Combine a squat with a press-out to build more core strength while relieving stress on your shoulders and lower back.

How To Perform at KB Press-Out

The kettlebell press-out, a progression of the goblet squat, places extreme tension on the quads and core.

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“As you press the kettlebell out, the increasing distance places more torque on your torso and causes your anterior and posterior core muscles to work harder,” explains David Otey, C.S.C.S., a personal training manager at Equinox. “Your body wants to keep the spine safe, so it’s forced to recruit more muscle.”

How to Do it: 

1. Select a light kettlebell—this exercise places stress on the shoulders and lower back, two areas that are susceptible to injury—and grasp the handle with both hands, holding the weight at your chest.

2. With your weight on your heels, sink back into a squat.

3. Keeping elbows in, , slowly press the weight straight out. With your eyes focused on the top of the handle, draw the weight back to your chest. Stay in squat position.