Ian Berger Exercise with Barbell

The workouts: ‘M&F’ high-intensity power training

High-intensity power training is not for the faint of heart. The physical demands are grueling, but for those willing to step up their game, the muscle-building and fat-burning rewards are well worth the maximum effort.

HIPT places an emphasis on high-volume technical exercises, ultimately allowing you to get more skillful repetitions for a variety of challenging lifts. Along with getting stronger and more adept at technical lifts, this training method will also propel you to sculpt a leaner, more chiseled physique.

CrossFit athlete and coach Ian Berger agreed to take on a couple of hardcore HIPT workouts (get them here). And to make sure his body had the nutrients to power through each intense session, Berger fueled up with Dymatize PreW.O.—a pre-workout formula to give athletes the energy and stamina to crush the hardest of workouts.

But was it enough to get the CrossFitter to the finish line? See what happens when he puts these extreme HIPT programs—and Dymatize PreW.O.—to the test. And then give it a try yourself.

The product: Dymatize PreW.O.

Any knowledgeable weightlifter will tell you how essential a good pre-workout formula is to get the energy, strength, and intensity needed for a successful workout from start to finish. Dymatize PreW.O. delivers all these necessities by supplying the essential ingredients to help athletes like Berger make the most of their training efforts. No doubt the strength, energy, and focus provided by Dymatize PreW.O. was a critical component in helping Berger crush all three rounds of each HIPT workout.

Each serving provides a potent dose of vital ingredients that have been shown to elevate training performance for the most brutal of workouts. It was these ingredients that provided Berger’s body with the premium fuel it needed to go the distance, during the most demanding of circumstances. PreW.O. comes in three smooth, delicious flavors—Chilled Fruit Fusion, Hand Spun Cotton Candy, and Sweet Cherry Lime—and is also gluten-free and banned-substance-tested by Informed Choice.

Dymatize PreW.O. is powered by these key ingredients:

  • Citrulline – to improve blood flow
  • Carnosyn – to support maximum muscle retention
  • Teacrine – to enhance energy and focus

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Sponsored by Dymatize. Visit dymatize.com/.