Current Classic Physique Olympia Champion Chris Bumstead is familiar with being in the final standoff on the big stage. For the last two years, Bumstead has been announced by Bob Cicherillo as the O champ. In the two years prior to that, he had been the runner-up to then-Classic Physique king Breon Ansley.

On the latest edition of “Monday Night Muscle,” Bumstead joined Cicherillo and co-host Shawn Ray to talk about his victory and career in the sport. During the interview, he was asked to deliver a message to his competitors that will face him in Orlando this year. The Canadian superstar made it clear that he plans on retaining his title for a long time to come.

“Not much to say besides they better be ready because it won’t be easy,” Bumstead says. “You can tell them all that they will fighting for second place.”

Those same opponents may as well accept that he won’t be leaving the division anytime soon, either. “C-Bum” put to rest speculation and discussions that he would eventually move to Open. While many believe he would hold his own against the elite of that division, Bumstead feels that he has a legacy to create in his division now.

“It literally was a million dollar question after this year,” he says. “Everyone kept asking me for some reason if I was moving to the Open. And while I think it would be fun, I think my legacy and my dreams lie in Classic Physique. I really want to, like, make a statement and win at least five or so titles.”

The interview with the two-time champion can be seen in its entirety on the latest episode of Monday Night Muscle, which airs every Monday at 6 p.m. EST on the Digital Muscle YouTube channel.

Monday Night Muscle host Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray

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