For most adults, especially older guys, the social media realm can be confusing to navigate. That is, unless you’re a smart serial entrepreneur who also happens to be stylish, tattooed, and ripped—and named Jean Titus. Titus—a 6’1″, 204-pound bald man who sports a magnificent beard—has started several successful businesses over his 50 years and worked as a financial adviser, investor, and real estate broker. But it wasn’t until his daughter posted a casual picture of him chilling, shirtless on the beach, to fitness forums that he broke out in the fitness industry. His physique is chiseled from years of playing basketball in his younger days and his intense five-days-per-week workouts these days. The photo spread to Instagram and garnered more than 30,000 likes. “I was surprised but said, ‘I’ll post some more pictures because I guess I inspire people.’” Titus says. “And it just took off from there. Then what added to the fire is a motivational video that I had done. I posted it, and it racked up around 15 million likes in five days.”

Titus’ mantra is “We rise by lifting others,” and he now lives that life by offering training for everyone from beginners to executives in the Washington, D.C., area, where he resides. He also contributes weekly articles to the online magazine Black Men With Beards as its in-house fitness expert.


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And as a big dude who used to be much more muscular—tipping the scales at 235 pounds—he also started creating custom clothing seven years ago. His company, Black by Jean LeVere, makes sharp, stylish, and tailored clothes made to mold around muscles and make you feel comfortable, no matter the outfit or situation.

“Even as a child, and as an athlete, getting regular clothes off the rack didn’t work for me because I have a much broader chest and shoulders than most people,” Titus says. But the cost of clothing was getting prohibitive, so Titus partnered with different tailors around the world to bring custom clothes to his customers at a fair price.“I do a lot of the buying and the consulting—I try to educate people on the type of clothing they should wear because all styles don’t fit all body types.”

To stay fit, and keep filling out all those snappy bespoke suits, Titus hits the gym five days a week for about 1½ hours each session. He’ll do a few days that are a body-part split—like legs on Mondays and chest or back on Tuesdays—but then performs a HIIT or full-body workout for the other couple of days (Check out his killer 500-rep workout here). “I do not do a lot of cardio besides HIIT, and that’s because cardio can sometimes be counter- productive to the maintenance of lean muscle,” he says. “HIIT is a better form of cardio. It raises your heart rate, keeps it up, and works your cardiovascular system. On occasion I will go out and do some full sprints, like eight to 10 full-on sprints. But to sit there on a cardio machine for 30 minutes or more, no, I do not do that.”

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