Join M&F’s Zack Zeigler and celebrity coach Don Saladino on M&F’s “Reps” Podcast as they discuss M&F’s return to print, Saladino’s cover shoot for the new fall 2021 issue, why there’s vaccine hesitation, and how the pandemic will have lasting effects on the fitness industry and gyms.

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M&F Reps: Season 2 Episode 2

Men’s hormone and lifestyle optimization specialist Ali Gilbert Weingroff and M&F’s Zack Zeigler discuss the reasons testosterone levels are on the decline worldwide as well as strategies to combat low T.

M&F Reps: Season 2 Episode 3

Jeff Halevy, CEO of Altis Movement Technologies, explains his 15-year career in fitness and how his AI personal trainer could be a game-changing tool.

M&F Reps: Season 2 Episode 4

Erik Bartell is a military veteran, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur who has navigated the fitness industry from bottom to top.