One of the great aspects of competing in the IFBB Pro League is that pros can change divisions to maximize their chances of physique. Andrea Shaw went from a Figure competitor to Ms. Olympia in women’s bodybuilding. Chris Bumstead was an amateur in bodybuilding, but he is now the two-time Classic Physique Olympia champ.

Women’s bodybuilding pro Theresa Ivancik is making a similar change. Even though she had success, including winning the 2020 Chicago Pro, in that division, she will now be competing in the Women’s Physique division. This means she won’t have to be as big, but she can maximize symmetry and conditioning. Ivancik was on the Fit Rockstar Podcast this week, and she explained her decision to host Isabelle Turell. One reason for the change was seeing the development of the elite in the bodybuilding category at the 2020 Ms. Olympia.

“I was told by four judges that it was time to move down. I just don’t think I have the, like, the amount of size and density that these top competitors that are in the top five have,” she told Turell. “I talked to Irene (Anderson) before we walked out onstage at the Olympia, and I asked her what she weighed. She weighed 187 (pounds), and I actually stepped onstage weighing like, 149.”

Anderson went on to place 5th at that contest while Ivancik placed 14th, so the size and density did make a difference. Her physique is one that could be considered in the middle between the two divisions. Ivancik’s decision and focus ultimately is on one goal — to hear Bob Cicherillo announce her as an Olympia champion.

“I was talking to many other people, and I have one step on the ladder, literally, that I have to complete the journey with, and that’s to win the Olympia,” she stated firmly. “And I’m trying to go where that is the most attainable for myself without pushing the limits to try to make it as a bodybuilder.”

Even though she is switching divisions, she confirmed to Turell that her passion and support for women’s bodybuilding will not change.

“I will always stay supportive of every one of the iron sisters, you know, that I’ve got to meet over the years (including) you yourself, Wings of Strength, I will always support them no matter what. They have become family to me.”

Ivancik will actually step onstage at the 2021 Chicago Pro this weekend to make her Women’s Physique debut. She and Turell speak more about the change and her commitment moving forward including her attention to being strict and consistent in her preparation. They also discussed her inspiration for pursuing a competitive career, her grandfather, and her roots in Figure. Catch the full episode over at . Episodes air every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern time.