The greatest physiques were not known for just one body part—they were known as the best because they had the best OVERALL body. Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for having an awesome chest and great arms, but he was also known for having perfect symmetry.

Symmetry is the true definition of a great physique. When you have a body that flows together like a sculpture, it’s so much more appealing to the eye then having one bodypart that stands out over the rest. You don’t want to be known as the guy who only has big arms and no chest.

Building a symmetryical physique is a continuous process, and as you begin to learn more about your body the process will become easier. The key is to stay ahead and focus on your weak points; you never want your strong points to become overwhelming, which can lead to an imbalance in overall development. 

Symmetry isn’t only top to bottom, it’s also left to right. You never want to have one side of your body be noticeably larger or smaller. Most of us have a dominant side, usually if you’re right handed your right side is stronger. Since we use our right hand more often than our left, the left side lags behind—making the non-dominant side appearing smaller.

Here, you’ll find a way to keep your body composition in balance as you start your development.

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