Fan anticipation for WWE’s 33rd annual Survivor Series, broadcast live around the world from Chicago via WWE Network, was running at fever pitch following an exciting TV build-up and the welcome announcement of a stacked card that, for the first time in this pay-per-view’s history, threw NXT into battle against the superstars of Raw and SmackDown.

The sold-out Allstate Arena played host to some wild and chaotic moments as WWE’s three distinct grappling stables competed for bragging rights and ultimate brand supremacy by night’s end. Muscle & Fitness has your rundown on all the winners and losers, plus the movers and shakers from a night that is likely to set the tone for the next several months of WWE’s future television shows.

Junk Hogan and Andre the Giant

The 25 Greatest Matches in WWE History

These epic WWE confrontations had us on the edge of our seats.

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